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If you’re a small business with a physical location(s), it’s crucial that you show up in the Google Maps 3-Pack when a potential customer searches for your service. If not, your business is missing out on potential customers!

Your business listing on Google Maps is controlled via your Google My Business profile and if it isn’t optimized for local SEO, that’s a big problem. If you haven’t yet created a Google My Business profile, your business won’t show up on Google Maps at all. (Don’t worry, we can take care of that too!)

Let me and my team optimize your Google My Business profile for you using our proprietary system so that your business will show up in the 3-Pack and drive more customers! This service has helped dozens of businesses rank higher in their local area across all devices (mobile phones included). In fact, many of my clients are ranking #1 for their main keywords.
Cost: $800
$500 per each additional location
  • Optimization of Profile Information
  • Write Business Description
  • Write Service/Product Descriptions
  • Create Custom Graphics Including Cover Photo
  • Optimize, Tag, and Upload Additional Photos
  • Plus, Our Proprietary Ranking System!

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If you’re not showing up in the 3-pack, then your business is missing out on potential customers.

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