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Marketing Strategy.

marketing strategy consulting

Small Business Marketing Consulting

Strategy Before Tactics

As a small business, your head probably spins when looking to hire marketing services. It’s not uncommon for small businesses to hire their marketing service providers based on a specific need. This means you’re working on certain pieces of your marketing puzzle separately, leaving you with bits and pieces that don’t always fit together.

We start with a strategy before we recommend services. THE WHY is what we care about. With the Michael Quinn Agency, we always start with “why” before pitching you a service, because if you don’t know why, we don’t either!

small businesses marketing strategy

Stand-Alone Marketing Strategy Plan

Our Catalyst and Department done-for-you packages include a marketing strategy. However, it’s not uncommon for small businesses to need a marketing strategy plan as a stand-alone service. We’re happy to do that for you.

You can’t hire a service for tactics without a strategy in place. An effective strategy is a jumping-off point to plan the tactics that make the most sense to help you meet your business goals. With a well-developed marketing strategy, you’ll be positioned to:

Attract your ideal client

Set yourself apart in a meaningful way

Know what is needed and not needed in your digital marketing budget

Add value to your services clients are willing to pay a premium for

Identify the most profitable tactics with the best ROI

Our Marketing Strategy Plan Includes:

The entire process takes about 30-45 days, involves meetings with you and your team and includes:

Kick-off Discovery Meeting

This in-depth discovery meeting asks questions to help better understand your business. We discuss your goals, priorities, key focus areas, service offerings, current target audience, and positioning, pricing, sales, customer service and more — all geared to get us heading in the right direction.

Core Message & Ideal Client Persona Development

We’ll interview five ideal clients to discover your most effective competitive advantage. You will receive access to interview summaries, ideal client profiles, and our recommendation for a core marketing message that will allow you to stand out from the competition.

Customer Journey Map

Using our proprietary Marketing Hourglass technology, we’ll help you create a roadmap of suggested marketing tactics for each of the phases of the customer buying journey: Know, Like, Trust, Try, Buy, Repeat and Refer.

Presentation of Findings

Once we complete our work, we’ll schedule a time to meet with you and your team via video chat to deliver the items above and review what we believe is the best strategic approach for you to take with your marketing.

Competitive Research

We’ll study your biggest competitors and create high-level summaries and a report on their marketing strengths and weaknesses. This research helps further identify industry opportunities.

Editorial Plan

Based on our keyword research, we’ll build a content strategy using our Theme Pages approach that will allow you to map out 6-12 months of content as part of your ongoing marketing efforts.

Priority Growth Recommendations

From our research and an audit of your existing marketing and online presence, we’ll recommend the highest-impact activities you need to consider fixing or implementing today.

Roadmap to Action

This roadmap is a strategic set of tactics with time recommendations we can confidently put into action. From this point, you’ll have several options on how to move forward. We can teach your staff to run the program or we can continue to work together in a done-for-you capacity.

Marketing Strategy Plan

One-Time Investment


Our strategy findings provide a clear direction for standing out and attracting the ideal client. You’ll have a roadmap of the most effective tactics to support your strategy. You can decide if you want to take the roadmap and implement the plan with your team or hire the Michael Quinn Agency as your outsourced marketing department. Either way, we’ll be there to help you see your strategy succeed. Call us today to get started.

marketing strategy plan

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