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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Small Businesses

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization, more commonly known as SEO, is the process of improving the ranking of a website on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! Good SEO gets your website or webpage better visibility on search engines (we focus primarily on Google) and is a must for any small business competing in any market today.

The Role of SEO in Digital Marketing

So, why is SEO so important in digital marketing? It plays five crucial roles in your overall digital marketing strategy:

It increases traffic:

Top rankers generate the most impressions, which means more clicks, more traffic and ideally, more conversions.

It improves ROI:

When done properly, SEO helps you track and quantify results. Many organizations view digital marketing ROI as something that is intangible. SEO agencies know how to track SEO to make tangible ROI comparisons.

Cost-effective targeting:

SEO can help you affordably target your audience as it goes directly to the people currently searching for a specific product or service. You can improve marketing campaigns using these targets and often obtain organic traffic, which is free.

Improved user experience:

Well-planned SEO organizes links and your site’s architecture to improve user experience. People find what they need in just one click as SEO sends them to the right information based on the keywords used in their search.

It increases brand awareness:

Optimized sites reach the top ranking which means you are above your competition. Again, it means more views, more clicks and better visibility for your brand.

The Components of SEO

SEO requires a strategy with several components. The better your SEO, the better you’ll see successful placement on the first page of Google search results. Everything about your business — what you offer, who your target customer is, and whether you are local or national — contribute to your ranking.

Designing the best SEO strategy for optimization implementation focuses on two major areas:


On-page website optimization:

In a nutshell, this refers to the actions taken on your site, like content, relevant keywords, titles, and internal linking. This increases visibility and user traffic by optimizing all of the information within your website to improve your ranking.


Off-page optimization:

This refers to external measures taken to improve rankings such as link building and website promotion to improve your authority, such as backlinks, contextual anchor text, and business citations.

Search Engine Optimization Techniques

There are many techniques that can be used to improve rankings for small local businesses. We focus on those techniques to get the best results quickly including:

Online Business Listings

Depending on your industry, there are many directories offering an online list or catalog of websites and businesses. Typically, directories list entries on professionals or businesses with contact information. However, often this information is incorrect. With so many directories for every industry, we create, review, or correct a minimum of 25 business listings across major search directories and aggregators. This also includes setting up social profiles that add much-needed signals to Google for your site.


Content is the one area you can differentiate your SEO the most. It allows you to set your website apart. Content is key because it requires attention, updates, and most of all high-quality information. We develop a list of blog/article content ideas based on our keyword research (and, most importantly, topics your ideal customers are actually searching for) and our team handles writing these for you. This not only improves SEO, but also helps build your brand and your authority.

On-Page & Technical SEO

We pop the hood of your website to ensure the most important elements are optimized just as Google likes, including (but not limited to) website content, blog content, title tags, meta tags, image optimization, schema, and several other factors. It can be a messy job, but someone’s gotta do it!


Perhaps the most important factor of “off-page SEO,” we work hard to obtain hyperlinks from other authoritative websites in a similar category to your business. While “on-page” is the foundation of good SEO, backlinks are like fuel to fire your website to the top of search results. This is no easy feat as they have to be obtained through real outreach and PR from a number of places that make logical fits with your business.


Reputation management is becoming more and more important, as people read reviews to decide whether they want to use your product or service. Reviews also play an important role in SEO. The more reviews you have on Google and other sources, the more they contribute to your local rankings. We leverage reputation management tools to set you up with a review funnel for your customers and/or develop a plan for your staff to proactively ask for reviews.

The Michael Quinn Agency did a fantastic job getting my Google rankings up with his great marketing and SEO strategy. It's like getting the assets of a big company with the personal touch of a small shop.

-Bita Zavari DMD, dentist in Beaverton, OR

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